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Haunted Attraction

Our mission

Hells Dungeon is a unique all indoor haunted attraction located in Dayton, Ohio. Our team is dedicated to providing a one-of-a-kind experience to all of our guests. We participate in a variety of events and charitable causes to help strengthen the bonds within not only our community, but a variety of communities worldwide.

Our primary focus is called the Rejects Initiative. We provide a safe environment for people of all backgrounds and walks of life to help create and share the haunt experience. Our goal is to promote acceptance and inclusion for those who feel rejected in their lives and within their own communities. Through compassion and teamwork, we strive to forge familial bonds that will last a lifetime.

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Business Hours - 2024 Season

Fridays & Saturdays Only

September 14th through November 2nd 

Doors open at 8pm and close at midnight (or until line is empty)

Tickets & Pricing

General admission is $26

Purchase online or at the door

Click here for online sales

Keep an eye on our social media for special discounts & events

Venue Information

Hell’s Dungeon is conveniently located at 3866 Linden Avenue in Dayton, Ohio. The entrance can be found along the backside of Eastown Shopping Center. Guests should expect to park their vehicles in the rear parking lot. There is no charge for parking

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